Soft sf & subject matter 

I began my activity in the field as a fan reading for pleasure.  Although I’ve aimed for objectivity, certainly my preferences are ingrained and have lead me to select (or not select) certain anthologies for review.  “Hard” science fiction, for example, is not what I regularly choose to read for pleasure, although I do respect quite a bit of it.  Instead, I tend to seek out post-WW II “soft” sf concerning gender, media, advertising, identity, the body, and  themes related to alienation, replication/authenticity, and the perception of time.

Edited anthologies

Most of the stories here are from edited anthologies.  This means that either an editor during the author’s time or a historian or publisher has already done some work in excavating and vetting these texts for merit.  Credit for the “discovery” of these texts wherever they were first “found” (in magazines, author’s estates, submissions to “calls for stories”) before being made available to the public in anthologies certainly goes to them. I realize that, initially, some members of fandom may be put off by a perception that these are summaries of other people’s “discoveries.”

Although these summaries did not result solely from a review of primary sources (e.g. a methodical review of the pulps), I would hope that those who make their living by reviewing primary sources will accept that my method here is appropriate for this particular purpose, for this audience, under these circumstances.


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