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“Dreaming is a Private Thing,” Isaac Asimov , 1955

“Dreaming is a Private Thing,” Isaac Asimov , 1955 – Jessie Weill, is the manager of a firm specializing in private dreamies (similar to films or DVDs) that can be viewed at home by individual users.  He encourages a ten-year … Continue reading

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“The Fun They Had,” Asimov, 1951

“The Fun They Had,” Asimov, 1951 –  Margie, who has never read anything except moving text on a screen interface, learns that Tommy has found a book in his attic.  The book concerns the schools of the past, where humans, … Continue reading

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“A Logic Named Joe,” Murray Leinster, 1946

“A Logic Named Joe,” Murray Leinster, 1946 – Logics are androids with screens that can access the “tank,” an enormous warehouse with every fact known to man.  As advertised, simply use the keys to type in your request or question, … Continue reading

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