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“The Last of the Deliverers,” Poul Anderson, 1958

“The Last of the Deliverers,” Poul Anderson, 1958 — Two societies clash, one Marxist and one capitalist. Comments:  Anderson’s comments in the Afterward speak of humanizing the enemy, the depiction of politics in sf, readers calling out writers.  Perhaps interesting … Continue reading

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“The Education of Tigress Macardle,” C. M. Kornbluth, 1957

“The Education of Tigress Macardle,” C. M. Kornbluth, 1957 — Purvis (Elvis?) is elected president, and four years later establishes himself as King Purvis I.  / At the same time, Dr. Fu Manchu, “that veritable personification of the Yellow Peril, … Continue reading

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“The Public Hating,” Steve Allen, 1955

“The Public Hating,” Steve Allen, 1955 — A crowd gathers in Yankee Stadium, the rest of the nation before the television.  They are to “hate” to death a political prisoner, Professor Arthur Ketteridge.  The presumably outspoken Professor is accused of … Continue reading

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“Mr Costello, Hero,” Theodore Sturgeon, 1953

“Mr Costello, Hero,” Theodore Sturgeon, 1953 –Costello is able to inspire suspicion and paranoia wherever he goes by creating enemies from thin air and playing upon the vanity of fools.  Once neighbor has turned on neighbor, Costello swiftly steps in … Continue reading

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“The Liberation of Earth,” William Tenn, 1953

“The Liberation of Earth,” William Tenn (Philip Klass) 1953 – Warring alien cultures arrive on Earth to “liberate” it—and establish military bases.  Humanity is nearly destroyed, and the aliens abandon Earth, as it’s too primitive to be worth occupying. Comments: … Continue reading

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“Disappearing Act,” Alfred Bester, 1953

“Disappearing Act,” Alfred Bester, 1953 – America is caught up in the rhetoric of General Carpenter, who appears to be waging a war to save Culture:  “We must dig in against the hordes of barbarism,” he intones to potential donors.  … Continue reading

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“The Snowball Effect,” Katherin MacLean, 1952

“The Snowball Effect,” Katherin MacLean, 1952 – A university president under pressure from budget cuts demands that a sociologist prove his work has value.  The sociologist proposes applying a growth model (using the symbols of human interaction) on a sewing … Continue reading

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“Poor Superman,” Fritz Leiber, 1951

“Poor Superman,” Fritz Leiber, 1951 — (alternate title: “Appointment in Tomorrow”)  Politicians without respect for science are kept in power by a populace desperate to believe in anything.  They’re opposed by a group of scientists in a last-ditch effort to … Continue reading

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“Eternity Lost,” Clifford D. Simak, 1949

“Eternity Lost,” Clifford D. Simak, 1949 – The senator who wrote the ethical code governing the distribution of life extensions learns that his party has denied his next life extension, only one hundred years before the time when all humanity … Continue reading

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“E for Effort,” T. L. Sherred, 1947

“E for Effort,” T. L. Sherred, 1947 – An investor (Ed Lefko) and an inventor (Miguel “Mike” Laviada) utilize a device able to film events from the past (Cortes’s conquest of Mexico, Alexander the Great, and the French Revolution), though … Continue reading

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“Politics,” Murray Leinster, 1932

“Politics,” Murray Leinster, 1932 – After a disastrous loss by the American Navy to the enemy (Japan?), due to the President’s desire to placate peace activists and “women in pants,” the US agrees to dismantle its Navy to the horror … Continue reading

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“Brain,” S. Fowler Wright, 1932

“Brain,” S. Fowler Wright, 1932 (U.S. 1947) – Scientists take over the country and begin performing unscrupulous experiments.  One scientist enhances the intelligence of a pig in the hopes of increasing his own intelligence. Comments: From Wright’s Biography by Brian … Continue reading

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“The Curious Republic of Gondour,” Mark Twain, 1875

“The Curious Republic of Gondour,” Mark Twain, 1875 — “[A]n extrapolated utopia in which votes are proportioned according to money and education.” (H. Bruce Franklin) Comments: Online text at Project Gutenberg.  “Twain proposed a state in which all citizens have … Continue reading

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