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“A Kind of Artistry,” Brian Aldiss, 1962

“A Kind of Artistry,” Brian Aldiss, 1962 – The story of adventurer Derek Ende who leaves his demanding Mistress to make contact with the Cliff, an exotic species born of an asteroid.  Life off-world gives him insight into his home … Continue reading

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“Seat of Judgment,” Lester del Rey, 1957

“Seat of Judgment,” Lester del Rey, 1957 — Eli Judson, an official from Earth, visits Sáyon, a planet of “marsupial” aliens ruled by a religious matriarchy.  Judson is answering the distress call of the temple priestess, who is struggling to … Continue reading

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“Pilgrimage,” Nelson Bond, 1939

“Pilgrimage,” Nelson Bond, 1939 – An ambitious young girl in a matriarchal society rejects the three career options of warrior, mother, and worker and demands that she be trained as the next leader.  However, this requires her to go on … Continue reading

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“Cloak of Aesir,” Donald A. Stuart (John W. Campbell, Jr.), 1939

“Cloak of Aesir,” Donald A. Stuart (John Campbell), 1939 – Humanity has been enslaved by a spider-like, matriarchal race.  A mysterious human appears with a cloak that seems able to absorb energy.  The stranger eggs on a resistance movement.  At … Continue reading

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“Greater than Gods,” C. L. Moore, 1939

“Greater than Gods,” C.L. Moore, 1939 – A man researching eugenics (Dr. Bill Cory) is trying to decide between two prospective wives. He’s visited by distant grand-children from alternate futures (one matriarchal and one fascist/patriarchal) who communicate with him through … Continue reading

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“The Moon Era,” Jack Williamson, 1931

“The Moon Era,” Jack Williamson, 1931 – A young man’s uncle persuades him to take photos of and film panoramic on the moon in exchange for a vast inheritance.  While on the moon, he discovers The Mother, the sole survivor … Continue reading

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“The Conquest of Gola,” Leslie F. Stone, 1931

“The Conquest of Gola,” Leslie F. Stone, 1931 — Earthmen (Detaxalans) arrive on cloud-covered Gola with the intent of plundering its treasures and “commercializing” it for the benefit of their Federation.  Gola, however, is ruled by a formidable matriarchy composed … Continue reading

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