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“My Object All Sublime…,” Poul Anderson, 1961

“My Object All Sublime…,” Poul Anderson, 1961 – A man listens to his new friend explain how criminals of the future are punished by forcing them into exile in the “foreign country” of the past.  The man claims to have … Continue reading

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“The Gentlest Unpeople,” Frederik Pohl, 1958

“The Gentlest Unpeople,” Frederik Pohl, 1958 — (alternate title: “The Gentlest Venusian”) Popagator and The Slide are playing whirlarang, a popular game and one that is integral to their culture.  Since their society has done away with war, they’ve relegated … Continue reading

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“Name Your Symptom,” Jim Harmon, 1956

“Name Your Symptom,” Jim Harmon, 1956 — Henry Infield lives in a society that constructs mechanical cures for neuroses, such as device on one’s back which will kill if one’s alcohol level goes over the sobriety limit. Comments: Themes of … Continue reading

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“Two-Handed Engine,” Kuttner and Moore, 1955

“Two-Handed Engine,” Kuttner and Moore, 1955 – War has destroyed human communities, such that the concepts of connection and family are undermined.  For a time, humanity wallows in hedonism and selfishness, having constructed robots capable of providing any material good.  … Continue reading

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“Made in U.S.A,” J. T. McIntosh, 1953

“Made in U.S.A,” J. T. McIntosh, 1953 – Roderick and Allison Liffcom are the perfect couple—until Roderick learns that Allison’s an android. He sues for divorce and she contests, arguing that now that androids have full equality, she was under … Continue reading

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“The Proud Robot,” Lewis Padgett, 1943

“The Proud Robot,” Lewis Padgett (Kuttner and Moore), 1943 – (Humor)  A heavy-drinking inventor creates a narcissistic robot to help him solve a problem. Comments: Presents a world where film and television are in direct competition; television is supplanting cinema, … Continue reading

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“From ‘The London Times’ of 1904,” Mark Twain, 1898

“From ‘The London Times’ of 1904,” Mark Twain, 1898 — The narrator attends a function in Vienna in March, 1898, during which Lieutenant Clayton is involved in an argument with Dr. Szczepanik over whether or not the doctor’s invention, the … Continue reading

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