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“Harry Protagonist, Brain-Drainer,” Richard Wilson, 1963

“Harry Protagonist, Brain-Drainer,” Richard Wilson, 1963 – (short short) Over one-seventy million Americans are connected through a direct brain link to four astronauts on their way to Mars.  In their arrogance, the denizens of Earth never imagined Mars could be … Continue reading

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“Itself!”, A. E. van Vogt, 1963

“Itself!”, A. E. van Vogt, 1963 – An AI submarine left-over from a past war patrols the waters, paranoid and territorial.  By luck, it destroys the crew of an alien invasion craft.  Those in charge realize the value of the … Continue reading

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“Day of the Truce,” Clifford D. Simak, 1963

“Day of the Truce,” Clifford D. Simak, 1963 — The Punks versus the suburbanites in a fortified, futuristic community. Comments: Theme of generational conflict.  Read in Nightmare Age.  Wikipedia: “The local ‘Punks’ take advantage of the once-a-year truce to ransack … Continue reading

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“The First Days of May,” Claude Veillot, 1961

“The First Days of May,” Claude Veillot, 1961, trans. Damon Knight — An alien species (dubbed Shrills) fills a conquered earth with horrific and deadly sounds.  Their natural ability to produce supersonics gives them an advantage, and they rout humanity … Continue reading

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“The Die-Hard,” Alfred Bester, 1958

“The Die-Hard,” Alfred Bester, 1958 – (short short) The last “man” on earth is visited in his rest home by the new, “adjusted” cybernetic human male.  Most of the standardized males are named Tom, although they employ subtle distinctions in … Continue reading

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“Let’s Be Frank,” Brian W. Aldiss, 1957

“Let’s Be Frank,” Brian W. Aldiss, 1957 — “Four years after pretty little Anne Boleyn was executed in the Tower of London, a child was born into the Gladwebb family–an unusual child” to a young Sir Frank Gladwebb and unnamed … Continue reading

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“The Education of Tigress Macardle,” C. M. Kornbluth, 1957

“The Education of Tigress Macardle,” C. M. Kornbluth, 1957 — Purvis (Elvis?) is elected president, and four years later establishes himself as King Purvis I.  / At the same time, Dr. Fu Manchu, “that veritable personification of the Yellow Peril, … Continue reading

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“The Hour of Battle,” Robert Sheckley, 1953

“The Hour of Battle,” Robert Sheckley, 1953 — A spaceship from Earth lands on a planet inhabited by vicious, telepathic aliens, which immediately possess the pilot of the scout ship.  The pilot of the main ship escapes and is able … Continue reading

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“Dead Ringer,” Lester Del Rey, 1956

“Dead Ringer,” Lester del Rey, 1956 — (Alternate title: “And the truth…”)  Dane Phillips is a journalist trying to alert people to the presence of alien doppelgangers that can resurrect after death, but he’s treated as a crackpot.  After being … Continue reading

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“The Waveries,” Fredric Brown, 1945

“The Waveries,” Fredric Brown, 1945 — George Bailey, a radio ad writer, listens to the fulsome ads of his rival while drinking and playing gin rummy with Maisie, a friend. A tapping similar to Morse code interrupts one of the … Continue reading

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“Breeds There a Man…?” Isaac Asimov, 1951

“Breeds there a man…?,” Isaac Asimov, 1951 — (Wikipedia) “Elwood Ralson, a brilliant but psychologically disturbed physicist, becomes convinced that humanity is a kind of genetics experiment being run by an alien intelligence. His behaviour becomes more erratic and suicidal … Continue reading

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“Zero Hour,” Ray Bradbury, 1947

“Zero Hour,” Ray Bradbury, 1947 – A story of children who “turn traitor” due to the influence of aliens. Comments: Another story involving unsocialized, “alien” children.  See also the Kuttners’ “When the Bough Breaks.”  Philip K. Dick’s “The Father-Thing” reverses … Continue reading

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“The Conquest of Gola,” Leslie F. Stone, 1931

“The Conquest of Gola,” Leslie F. Stone, 1931 — Earthmen (Detaxalans) arrive on cloud-covered Gola with the intent of plundering its treasures and “commercializing” it for the benefit of their Federation.  Gola, however, is ruled by a formidable matriarchy composed … Continue reading

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“The Fate of the Poseidonia,” Clare Winger Harris, 1927

“The Fate of the Poseidonia,” Clare Winger Harris, 1927 — George is attending a meeting of intellectuals at the home of Professor Stearns, head of the Astronomy Dept of Austin College, when he encounters Martell, an odd stranger of less … Continue reading

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“The Men of the Moon,” Washington Irving, 1809

“The Men of the Moon,” Washington Irving, 1809 — The narrator confesses that he’s lain awake many nights wondering “whether it were most probable we should first discover and civilize the moon, or the moon discover and civilize our globe.”  … Continue reading

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“The Unparalled Invasion,” Jack London, 1910

“The Unparalled Invasion,” Jack London, 1910 – Alternate world in which China is modernized by Japan, becomes a world threat, and is destroyed by Western powers through biological warfare. Comments: Read in The Wondermakers.  A story that has been criticized … Continue reading

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