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“On The Gem Planet,” Cordwainer Smith, 1963

“On The Gem Planet,” Cordwainer Smith, 1963 — A Casher O’Neill tale set in the second century of the “Rediscovery of Man” on planet Anderson. Comments:  “Animals are always uncertain” (82).  Another Smith tale featuring animal-human hybrids.  “On the Gem … Continue reading

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“Gone Fishing,” James H. Schmitz, 1961

“Gone Fishing,” James H. Schmitz, 1961 — Barney Card, occasional conman and financier, discovers that a secret organization has developed a teleporter.  McAllen, a genial old scientist who is working on the teleporter project for the organization, is instructed to … Continue reading

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“The Golden Horn,” Edgar Pangborn, 1961

“The Golden Horn,” Edgar Pangborn, 1961 – A boy with growing aspirations finds a beautiful object in the woods, a golden horn, and imagines how it might transform his life.  Unfortunately, the horn already has an owner. Comments:  A morality … Continue reading

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“All of Us Are Dying,” George Clayton Johnson, 1961

“All of Us Are Dying,” George Clayton Johnson, 1961 – A drifter who is able to assume the appearance of people from other people’s pasts makes his way through life by playing upon their desire for closure.  Some want to … Continue reading

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“Things,” Zenna Henderson, 1960

“Things,” Zenna Henderson, 1960 – An alien race describes the arrival of The Strangers bearing gifts.  A young member of the village is tempted to trade the location of his tribe in exchange for “things.” Comments: Read in 12 Great … Continue reading

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“A Place Beyond the Stars,” Tom Godwin, 1959

“A Place Beyond the Stars,” Tom Godwin, 1959 — A dying earth sends Immigration Scouts ahead on a mission to locate civilizations that could serve as rest and refueling stations along the path of their very long journey.  A scout … Continue reading

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“The Gentlest Unpeople,” Frederik Pohl, 1958

“The Gentlest Unpeople,” Frederik Pohl, 1958 — (alternate title: “The Gentlest Venusian”) Popagator and The Slide are playing whirlarang, a popular game and one that is integral to their culture.  Since their society has done away with war, they’ve relegated … Continue reading

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“The Conquest of Gola,” Leslie F. Stone, 1931

“The Conquest of Gola,” Leslie F. Stone, 1931 — Earthmen (Detaxalans) arrive on cloud-covered Gola with the intent of plundering its treasures and “commercializing” it for the benefit of their Federation.  Gola, however, is ruled by a formidable matriarchy composed … Continue reading

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