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“Let’s Be Frank,” Brian W. Aldiss, 1957

“Let’s Be Frank,” Brian W. Aldiss, 1957 — “Four years after pretty little Anne Boleyn was executed in the Tower of London, a child was born into the Gladwebb family–an unusual child” to a young Sir Frank Gladwebb and unnamed … Continue reading

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“Every Day is Christmas,” James Gunn, 1957

“Every Day is Christmas,” James Gunn, 1957 — A man trades three years of his life in exchange for $150,000 to go into space, where he’s kept alone, in silence.  For him, the experience is unbearable, but he toughs it … Continue reading

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“City,” Clifford D. Simak, 1944

“City,” Clifford D. Simak, 1944 – New forms of transportation lead to urban flight, literally.  The only way to save “the city” for Grandpa is to turn it into a memorial/museum/park for the people of the future. Comments: A discussion … Continue reading

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“As Easy as A B C,” Rudyard Kipling, 1912

“Easy as A B C,” Rudyard Kipling, 1912 – The Aearial Board of Control has created a world government through its power to control air traffic. Comments: Related to “With the Night Mail” (1905), which also features the Aearial Board … Continue reading

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“In the Year 2889,” Jules Verne, 1889

“In the Year 2889,” Jules Verne (or his son, Michel Verne), 1889 – The editor of Earth Chronicle (a master information and access) controls the world. A day in his life. Separated from his wife, a professional beauty, he sees … Continue reading

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