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“The Great Nebraska Sea,” Allan Danzig, 1963

“The Great Nebraska Sea,” Allan Danzig, 1963 – Future citizens of the U.S. (in 2073) have always lived with the Great Nebraska Sea and can’t imagine life without it. Comments: A story of how the present is privileged in assumption … Continue reading

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“As Simple As That,” Zenna Henderson, 1971

“As Simple As That,” Zenna Henderson, 1971 — Children use class essays to retell the story of “What Happened?” to cause the “Torn Time.” Comments: Read in the Norton Anthology of Science Fiction.  Themes of catastrophe, history, education, children.  Geology … Continue reading

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“Critical Factor,” Hal Clement, 1953

“Critical Factor,”  Hal Clement, 1953 – Sentient creatures live beneath the soil. To them, our air is outer space. Comments: Geology sf and classic of hard sf.  Read in Star Science Fiction Stories No. 2. Author: Wikipedia: “Harry Clement Stubbs … Continue reading

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“The Metal Man,” Jack Williamson, 1928

“The Metal Man,” Jack Williamson, 1928 – A Geology professor prospecting radium on the coast of Mexico is turned into the Metal Man after contact with creatures in a radioactive environment that turns flesh into metal. Comments: Adventure tale with … Continue reading

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