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“The Question,” Donald E. Westlake and Laurence M. Janifer, 1963

“The Question,” Donald E. Westlake and Laurence M. Janifer, 1963 – (short short) A professor grading English I papers is interrupted by a tedious phone call.  He begins to suspect that the story of his life is being written by … Continue reading

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“Kindergarten,” Fritz Leiber, 1963

“Kindergarten,” Fritz Leiber, 1963 – (short short) An eight-year-old boy receives a college education in one day. Comments: Another story of a child with a mismatched interior, dangerous due to abnormal socialization.  Education as programming for the mind. Author: Wikipedia: … Continue reading

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“The First Men,” Howard Fast, 1960

“The First Men,” Howard Fast, 1960 – (Alternate title: “The Trap”) A scientific experiment in a controlled environment produces telepathic, hyper-intelligent superchildren from different races, proving that environment is “total.”  The children’s abilities progress to the point where they are … Continue reading

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“Theory of Rocketry,” Cyril M. Kornbluth, 1958

“Theory of Rocketry,” Cyril M. Kornbluth, 1958 – An English teacher of the future must submit to psych exams, televised teaching, and lackluster pupils.  His life is desultory until he meets Foster, the one pupil that might make something of … Continue reading

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“As Simple As That,” Zenna Henderson, 1971

“As Simple As That,” Zenna Henderson, 1971 — Children use class essays to retell the story of “What Happened?” to cause the “Torn Time.” Comments: Read in the Norton Anthology of Science Fiction.  Themes of catastrophe, history, education, children.  Geology … Continue reading

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“Thirty Days Had September,” Robert F. Young, 1957

“Thirty Days Had September,” Robert F. Young, 1957 – A man in a fit of nostalgia purchases a “real” android schoolteacher so that his son, who has been educated solely through “educational” programs sponsored by cereal companies, can experience a … Continue reading

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“The Public Hating,” Steve Allen, 1955

“The Public Hating,” Steve Allen, 1955 — A crowd gathers in Yankee Stadium, the rest of the nation before the television.  They are to “hate” to death a political prisoner, Professor Arthur Ketteridge.  The presumably outspoken Professor is accused of … Continue reading

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“The Snowball Effect,” Katherin MacLean, 1952

“The Snowball Effect,” Katherin MacLean, 1952 – A university president under pressure from budget cuts demands that a sociologist prove his work has value.  The sociologist proposes applying a growth model (using the symbols of human interaction) on a sewing … Continue reading

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“The Fun They Had,” Asimov, 1951

“The Fun They Had,” Asimov, 1951 –  Margie, who has never read anything except moving text on a screen interface, learns that Tommy has found a book in his attic.  The book concerns the schools of the past, where humans, … Continue reading

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“The Only Thing We Learn,” Cyril M. Kornbluth, 1949

“The Only Thing We Learn,” Cyril M. Kornbluth, 1949 – Young gentlemen studying epic poetry in “Archeo-Literature 203” try to reconstruct a turning point in their empire’s past.  Their professor suggests that the past can only be known through direct … Continue reading

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“Correspondence Course,” Raymond F. Jones, 1945

“Correspondence Course,” Raymond F. Jones, 1945 – A war veteran is offered an opportunity to make himself useful by learning how to operate a mysterious “power co-ordinator” through correspondence courses. Comments: An intriguing story concerning a veteran’s re-acclimation to society, … Continue reading

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“The Curious Republic of Gondour,” Mark Twain, 1875

“The Curious Republic of Gondour,” Mark Twain, 1875 — “[A]n extrapolated utopia in which votes are proportioned according to money and education.” (H. Bruce Franklin) Comments: Online text at Project Gutenberg.  “Twain proposed a state in which all citizens have … Continue reading

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