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“Not Counting Bridges,” Robert L. Fish, 1963

“Not Counting Bridges,” Robert L. Fish, 1963 – (short short) A man learns of America’s frightening future as a concrete wasteland devoted to providing space for cars. Comments: Read in 100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories. Author: Wikipedia ( … Continue reading

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“On The Gem Planet,” Cordwainer Smith, 1963

“On The Gem Planet,” Cordwainer Smith, 1963 — A Casher O’Neill tale set in the second century of the “Rediscovery of Man” on planet Anderson. Comments:  “Animals are always uncertain” (82).  Another Smith tale featuring animal-human hybrids.  “On the Gem … Continue reading

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“X Marks the Pedwalk,” Fritz Leiber, 1963

“X Marks the Pedwalk,” Fritz Leiber, 1963 — Pedestrians and drivers locked in conflict. Comments: Read in Nightmare Age.  The band “X Marks the Pedwalk” is named after this story.The story is referenced “glancingly” in Danse Macabre by Stephen King … Continue reading

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“Uncalculated Risk,” Christopher Anvil, 1962

“Uncalculated Risk,” Christopher Anvil (Harry Crosby), 1962 — General Berenger is skeptical about the roles of science and technology will be able to play in maintaining America’s military advantage.  In fact, he’s of the opinion that the world might be … Continue reading

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“Before Eden,” Arthur C. Clarke, 1961

“Before Eden,” Arthur C. Clarke, 1961 – Two explorers are amazed to find a vegetative life on Venus.  Ironically, in coming to the planet, they introduce bacteria which will eventually kill all life on the planet.  The photographs they take … Continue reading

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“Song of the Axe,” Don Berry, 1957

“Song of the Axe,” Don Berry, 1957 — Disgraced eco-captain Kimberly is at a bar trying to hit on a dancing girl who’s just finished a striptease.  Kimberly, who missed the presence of dangerous insects during a survey and thus … Continue reading

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“The Piper,” Ray Bradbury, 1943

“The Piper,” Ray Bradbury, 1943 — Kerac, a Martian musician, returns from an enforced exile on Jupiter to find that the conquering Jovians have defiled Mars with their cacophonous music, ugly, sprawling cities, pollution, liquor, and general violence and buffoonery. … Continue reading

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“Autofac,” Philip K. Dick, 1955

“Autofac,” Philip K. Dick, 1955 – Humans attempt to turn off a network of machines that endlessly produces a set of items that a long-gone bureaucracy has determined are essential to their lives. The survivors wish to begin post-war Reconstruction, … Continue reading

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“Friend of the Family,” Richard Wilson, 1953

“Friend of the Family,” Richard Wilson, 1953 – Overpopulation and lack of conservation have led to a resource crisis.  The state outlaws births, but a young couple defies the law and is threatened with blackmail.  A mysterious stranger arrives and … Continue reading

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“The Morning of the Day They Did It,” E. B. White, 1950

“The Morning of the Day They Did It,” E. B. White, 1950 – Technology has progressed to the point where food has become toxic, everyone must take Anti-Tri-D shots, euthanasia is advertised on television, culture has been “debased,” and visual … Continue reading

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“The Great Fog,” H. F. Heard, 1944

“The Great Fog,” H. F. Heard, 1944 – Biologists and metereologists learn that a slight change in humidity has a given a mold a growth spurt.  This mold is capable of producing its own humid climate. It eventually covers the … Continue reading

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“The Roads Must Roll,” Robert A. Heinlein, 1940

“The Roads Must Roll,” Robert Heinlein, 1940 – Moving walkways have taken the place of roads and the man in charge must keep them rolling. Comments: A story of class, labor, technology’s influence on society, cars, pedestrians, natural resources, a … Continue reading

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“The Dwindling Sphere,” Willard Hawkins, 1940

“The Dwindling Sphere,” Willard Hawkins, 1940 – Humans learn how to transform matter into plastocene and gradually strip the earth to the size of the moon.  Story is told first by an inventor through diary entries, then by descendants of … Continue reading

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“The Man Who Awoke,” Laurence Manning, 1933

“The Man Who Awoke,” Laurence Manning, 1933 – A scholarly banker learns how to halt “life” by shielding himself from the cosmic rays which induce it to move; he also a drug that induces suspended animation.  He awakens thousands of … Continue reading

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“In the Year 2889,” Jules Verne, 1889

“In the Year 2889,” Jules Verne (or his son, Michel Verne), 1889 – The editor of Earth Chronicle (a master information and access) controls the world. A day in his life. Separated from his wife, a professional beauty, he sees … Continue reading

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