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“Call Me Joe,” Poul Anderson, 1957

“Call Me Joe,” Poul Anderson, 1957 – A psychologist watches in alarm as a disabled scientist is asked to explore the surface of Jupiter via the mind of a genetically-engineered animal. Comments: Read in A Century of Science Fiction, ed. … Continue reading

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The Stars My Destination, Alfred Bester, 1956 (Novel)

The Stars My Destination, Alfred Bester, 1956 (Novel)  — Gulley Foyle, the last survivor of The Nomad, has been ‘shipwrecked’ in space.  The possibility of rescue appears, but the ship deliberately continues on, leaving him to die.  His quest for … Continue reading

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“The Hour of Battle,” Robert Sheckley, 1953

“The Hour of Battle,” Robert Sheckley, 1953 — A spaceship from Earth lands on a planet inhabited by vicious, telepathic aliens, which immediately possess the pilot of the scout ship.  The pilot of the main ship escapes and is able … Continue reading

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“The Veldt,” Ray Bradbury, 1950

“The Veldt,” Ray Bradbury, 1950 – (Alternate title: “The World the Children Made”) Two children use a virtual reality nursery in their HappyLife Home, to which they are telepathically connected, to deal with their inconvenient parents. The family has just … Continue reading

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“Vintage Season,” C. L. Moore, 1946

“Vintage Season,” Moore and Kuttner, 1946 – Time travelers who consume “catastrophe” as an aesthetic experience visit a city about to be destroyed by an asteroid.  With them is a composer who will memorialize the event through a 3D “operatic” … Continue reading

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“Correspondence Course,” Raymond F. Jones, 1945

“Correspondence Course,” Raymond F. Jones, 1945 – A war veteran is offered an opportunity to make himself useful by learning how to operate a mysterious “power co-ordinator” through correspondence courses. Comments: An intriguing story concerning a veteran’s re-acclimation to society, … Continue reading

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“Huddling Place,” Clifford D. Simak, 1944

“Huddling Place,” Clifford D. Simak, 1944 – In the far future, an agoraphobic scientist is asked to travel off-world to save a friend’s life.  The friend is a brilliant, alien philosopher, and his death would be a tragedy for both … Continue reading

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“From ‘The London Times’ of 1904,” Mark Twain, 1898

“From ‘The London Times’ of 1904,” Mark Twain, 1898 — The narrator attends a function in Vienna in March, 1898, during which Lieutenant Clayton is involved in an argument with Dr. Szczepanik over whether or not the doctor’s invention, the … Continue reading

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