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“A Rose for Ecclesiastes,” Roger Zelazny, 1963

“A Rose for Ecclesiastes,” Roger Zelazny, 1963 – A poet, Gallinger, is given the privilege of viewing and translating the sacred texts of an alien culture.  He discovers that their religion is deeply fatalistic.  After impregnating a temple priestess, he earns … Continue reading

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“The Streets of Ashkelon,” Harry Harrison, 1962

“The Streets of Ashkelon,” Harry Harrison, 1962 – (Alternate title: “An Alien Agony”)  John Garth, a trader, lives peacefully with a “primitive” but promising alien culture called Weskers.  All is well until a Christian missionary (Father Mark of the Missionary … Continue reading

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“Day of the Truce,” Clifford D. Simak, 1963

“Day of the Truce,” Clifford D. Simak, 1963 — The Punks versus the suburbanites in a fortified, futuristic community. Comments: Theme of generational conflict.  Read in Nightmare Age.  Wikipedia: “The local ‘Punks’ take advantage of the once-a-year truce to ransack … Continue reading

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“Mother Hitton’s Littul Kittons,” Cordwainer Smith, 1961

“Mother Hitton’s Littul Kittons,” Cordwainer Smith, 1961 – Benjacomin Bozart, a criminal from a once wealthy but now marginalized world, attempts to become a hero to his people by stealing from the wealthy world, Norstrilia (Old North Australia).  Nostrilia has … Continue reading

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“The Moon Moth,” Jack Vance, 1961

“The Moon Moth,” Jack Vance, 1961 – A new ambassador arrives to a highly organized culture with two peculiarities: hierarchical “character” masks used in lieu of personal identity and a language spoken through musical instruments. Comments:  Fantastic story of mores/customs, … Continue reading

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“Things,” Zenna Henderson, 1960

“Things,” Zenna Henderson, 1960 – An alien race describes the arrival of The Strangers bearing gifts.  A young member of the village is tempted to trade the location of his tribe in exchange for “things.” Comments: Read in 12 Great … Continue reading

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“The Cold Green Eye,” Jack Williamson, 1953

“The Cold Green Eye,” Jack Williamson, 1953 — A boy is left with monks by his parents so that he might live a simple life in harmony with life and nature, sequestered from consumerism and Western conventions.  His aunt in … Continue reading

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“The Die-Hard,” Alfred Bester, 1958

“The Die-Hard,” Alfred Bester, 1958 – (short short) The last “man” on earth is visited in his rest home by the new, “adjusted” cybernetic human male.  Most of the standardized males are named Tom, although they employ subtle distinctions in … Continue reading

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“The Last of the Deliverers,” Poul Anderson, 1958

“The Last of the Deliverers,” Poul Anderson, 1958 — Two societies clash, one Marxist and one capitalist. Comments:  Anderson’s comments in the Afterward speak of humanizing the enemy, the depiction of politics in sf, readers calling out writers.  Perhaps interesting … Continue reading

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“The Gentlest Unpeople,” Frederik Pohl, 1958

“The Gentlest Unpeople,” Frederik Pohl, 1958 — (alternate title: “The Gentlest Venusian”) Popagator and The Slide are playing whirlarang, a popular game and one that is integral to their culture.  Since their society has done away with war, they’ve relegated … Continue reading

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“The Cave,” P. Schuyler Miller, 1943

“The Cave,” P. Schuyler Miller, 1943 – A human and alien take shelter in the same cave, leading to a desperate need for communication.  One of the two innocently makes the wrong “sign” and is killed. Comments: Read in Isaac Asimov … Continue reading

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