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“Not Counting Bridges,” Robert L. Fish, 1963

“Not Counting Bridges,” Robert L. Fish, 1963 – (short short) A man learns of America’s frightening future as a concrete wasteland devoted to providing space for cars. Comments: Read in 100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories. Author: Wikipedia ( … Continue reading

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“X Marks the Pedwalk,” Fritz Leiber, 1963

“X Marks the Pedwalk,” Fritz Leiber, 1963 — Pedestrians and drivers locked in conflict. Comments: Read in Nightmare Age.  The band “X Marks the Pedwalk” is named after this story.The story is referenced “glancingly” in Danse Macabre by Stephen King … Continue reading

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“Horrer Howce,” Margaret St. Clair, 1956

“Horrer Howce,” Margaret St. Clair, 1956 — An entrepreneur visits a reclusive old man who is looking for investors in his unfinished horror house.  Jaded by his experience with the latest in such entertainments, the investor isn’t impressed by the … Continue reading

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“Deathrace 2000,” Ib J. Melchoir, 1952

“Deathrace 2000,” Ib J. Melchoir, 1952 – (short) (Alternate title: “The Racer”) A Racer attempts to win the prize for killing the most pedestrians (Tragi-Accs).  The race is brutal, relentless.  He takes No Sleeps to stay awake.  To complicate matters, … Continue reading

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“The Pedestrian,” Ray Bradbury, 1951

“The Pedestrian,” Ray Bradbury, 1950 – Society’s norm is the nuclear family and its preferred activity is watching television at home as a unit.  The protagonist is out for a nightly stroll when his pastime draws the attention of the … Continue reading

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“The Isolationist,” Mack Reynolds, 1950

“The Isolationist,” Mack Reynolds, 1950 – A bitter old man condemns progress–neon and the clamor of jukeboxes, cars, airplanes, even electric lights–choosing instead to live on a farm.  He is a former schoolteacher who left the city in disgust at … Continue reading

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“The Roads Must Roll,” Robert A. Heinlein, 1940

“The Roads Must Roll,” Robert Heinlein, 1940 – Moving walkways have taken the place of roads and the man in charge must keep them rolling. Comments: A story of class, labor, technology’s influence on society, cars, pedestrians, natural resources, a … Continue reading

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“The Revolt of the Pedestrians,” David H. Keller, MD, 1928

“The Revolt of the Pedestrians,” David H. Keller, MD, 1928 – Society has divided itself into in the atrophied, vaguely cybernetic “drivers” and tribes of death-defying “pedestrians.” Comments: Note: Keller is identified by Michael R. Page in The Man With … Continue reading

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“The Miracle of the Lily, Clare Winger Harris, 1928

“The Miracle of the Lily,” Clare Winger Harris, 1928 – Told through diary excerpts of a string of direct descendants: Humanity is about to become extinct due to insect encroachment, develops synthetic food and oxygen plants, and kills all vegetable … Continue reading

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