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“The First Men,” Howard Fast, 1960

“The First Men,” Howard Fast, 1960 – (Alternate title: “The Trap”) A scientific experiment in a controlled environment produces telepathic, hyper-intelligent superchildren from different races, proving that environment is “total.”  The children’s abilities progress to the point where they are … Continue reading

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“Man of Distinction,” Michael Shaara, 1956

“Man of Distinction,” Michael Shaara, 1956 — Once upon a time, Thatcher Blitt was forgettable, as liable to be forgotten as any other businessman who doesn’t associate himself with a man of fame.  However, at 25 Blitt realized that new … Continue reading

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“Created He Them,” Alice Eleanor Jones, 1955

“Created He Them,” Alice Eleanor Jones, 1955 — Ann Crothers and her physically and emotionally abusive husband are two citizens in a post-nuclear holocaust future who are capable of producing viable children (“breeding true”) for the state.  Any children they … Continue reading

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“Greater than Gods,” C. L. Moore, 1939

“Greater than Gods,” C.L. Moore, 1939 – A man researching eugenics (Dr. Bill Cory) is trying to decide between two prospective wives. He’s visited by distant grand-children from alternate futures (one matriarchal and one fascist/patriarchal) who communicate with him through … Continue reading

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