“I’ll Get Rid of Your Discontent,” Taku Mayumura, 1962 (2007 Tr.)

“I’ll Get Rid of Your Discontent,” Mayumura Taku, 1962 (2007 Tr.) – A salesman buys a curious object which promises to comfort him whenever he feels embarrassed or frustrated with others or the world.  He’s warned not to use it a fourth time, as something “fatal” will happen to him, but he’s become addicted.

Comments:  Punchy modern fairy tale.  Perhaps contrast with Kuttner’s “What You Need” or other cursed gadget/curiosity shop stories.  Read in Speculative Japan.  (For a review of this anthology, see Niall Harrison’s review at Strange Horizons.)

Author: Wikipedia: “Taku Mayumura (Mayumura Taku, 20 October 1934 – ) is a Japanese science fiction writer who won the Seiun Award for Novel twice. In 2004 his Shiseikan…written in 1974, was translated into English. Mayumura is also a juvenile fiction writer whose works have been adapted into TV drama, cinema film, and anime.”


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