“The Golden Horn,” Edgar Pangborn, 1961

“The Golden Horn,” Edgar Pangborn, 1961 – A boy with growing aspirations finds a beautiful object in the woods, a golden horn, and imagines how it might transform his life.  Unfortunately, the horn already has an owner.

Comments:  A morality tale of greed, vulnerability, and the Other.   Read in Modern Classics of Science Fiction.  Gardner Dozois states that he wrote about the “little people” generally, ” small-town or rural people with insight and sympathy” writes with compassion for the young and old.  This story was later melded into the novel Davy, “its intelligence and wit, its eloquence and power and compassion, its evocation of moments of both raw beauty and raw horror, as well as its slyly satirical touches, make it as good a handling of its theme as has ever been seen in the genre.”

Author: Wikipedia: “Edgar Pangborn (February 25, 1909 – February 1, 1976) was an American mystery, historical, and science fiction author.”


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