“The Blind Pilot,” Nathalie-Charles Henneberg, 1959

“The Blind Pilot,” Nathalie-Charles Henneberg, 1959 – (Originally Au pilote aveugle (1959))  A blind, now “useless” pilot returns home to take care of his mentally-disabled (?) brother.  All is well between them until a package containing a siren arrives.

Comments: Translated from the French by Damon Knight.  Read in Thirteen French Science-Fiction Stories.

Author: Wikipedia: “Nathalie Henneberg (1917–1977) was a French science fiction writer, a precursor of modern French heroic fantasy. She was married to, and collaborated with, Charles Henneberg zu Irmelshausen Wasungen (1899–1959).”  She wrote with her husband under the pseudonym “Charles Henneberg” until his passing in 1959.  After his death, she continued to write under that pseduonym. 


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