“Pelt,” Carol Emshwiller, 1958

“Pelt,” Carol Emshwiller, 1958 – A beautiful white dog (alternately referred to as Aloora, Queen, Galaxa) helps her master track down sentient “beasts” on the planet Jaxa.  Despite the beasts’ urging of her to do “something free,” to do anything to resist her slavery, she tracks the magnificent beasts down so that her master can collect their pelts.

Comments: Themes of intelligence, slavery, dogs, solidarity.  Read in Best of the Best.

Author: Wikipedia: “Carol Emshwiller (born April 12, 1921) is an American writer of avant garde short stories and science fiction who has won prizes ranging from the Nebula Award to the Philip K. Dick Award. Ursula K. Le Guin has called her ‘a major fabulist, a marvelous magical realist, one of the strongest, most complex, most consistently feminist voices in fiction.'”


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