“Tool of Creation,” J. F. Bone, 1958

“Tool of Creation,” J. F. Bone, 1958 —  Adventure tale that opens with men traveling at Cth speed.  Their bodies are distorted into fun house images, a disconcerting experience that compels them to pass the time talking.  Eventually, they argue about whether creation myths, which are universal, are just as probable as scientific theories about the creation of the universe.  One asks: Why are all planetary systems clustered around certain stars, and why do they spread out from a central system?  But a change in light color indicates something wrong. Their ship reaches a dangerous speed. Once they have it under control, they realize their mass at near light speed has drawn out a filament from space, and they witness the birth agonies of a new system in their wake. They realize the denizens of a prior system must have done the same, and that these ancient spacefarers are responsible for their own planetary system.  But who created the system from which they came?  One crewman gets out his Bible and asks his crewmates if they want to argue the point.

Comments: Read in Tales of Superscience.  Average story, but perhaps interesting for the discussion of religion.



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