“Death Between the Stars,” Marion Zimmer Bradley, 1956

“Death Between the Stars,” Marion Zimmer Bradley, 1956 – A (privileged) human woman is forced to share a cabin with a telepathic alien on a long space voyage.  She is wary, at first, then protective of the alien, who is grossly mistreated by the bigoted staff.  Irritation at the staff turns to disgust, and she finds herself merged with the alien.

Comments: Read in Women of Wonder: Classic Years.  Themes of the Other, the body, racism.  Perhaps compare with other allegories of race that employ the figure of the alien, such as Asimov’s Greenies and Tweenies (also liminal characters, i.e. “between” the stars) or Brackett’s married couple in “All the Colors of the Rainbow” (a green-skinned couple takes a drive through the countryside and is terrorized by white bigots).

Author: Wikipedia: “Marion Eleanor Zimmer Bradley (June 3, 1930 – September 25, 1999) was an American author of fantasy novels such as The Mists of Avalon and the Darkover series.”


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