“The Anything Box,” Zenna Henderson, 1956

“The Anything Box,” Zenna Henderson, 1956 – A schoolteacher observes with puzzlement a quiet young pupil in her class who appears to be staring into an invisible box cupped in her hands.  She discusses the student with another teacher who rashly categorizes the girl as deviant, perhaps even psychotic.  The girl’s teacher is wary, then alarmed, when the girl tries to climb into the box, resulting in catatonia.  Eventually, the teacher comes to appreciate the the girl’s uniqueness.

Comments: Themes of imagination, personal versus public, education, misfits.  A different take might regard the “anything box” as a metaphor for television.  Read in Women of Wonder: Classic Years and The Best of the Best.

Author: Wikipedia: “Zenna Chlarson Henderson (November 1, 1917 – May 11, 1983) was an American science fiction and fantasy novella and short story author, and an elementary school teacher.”


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