“A Man of Talent,” Robert Silverberg, 1956

“A Man of Talent,” Robert Silverberg, 1956  – Emil Vilar, the last “true poet” on Earth, poet flees the uncultured but “knowing claque” on earth for a remote planet, only to discover that the residents are omniartistic.  Everyone is a poet, painter, sculptor, musician, while he is considered a mere poet and not a very good one.  He comes to be  valued solely for his ability to serve as an audience.  He decides to remain on the planet and write his poetry for himself.

Comments: Revised in 1966 for New Dreams this Morning.  Originally, “The Man of Talent.” Themes include the isolation of the artist and the suggestion that there is no perfect artistic environment save perhaps within the self.

Author: Wikipedia: “Robert Silverberg (born January 15, 1935) is an American author, best known for writing science fiction. He is a multiple winner of both Hugo and Nebula awards. He is a 1999 inductee into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame.”


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