“End as a World,” F. L. Wallace, 1955

“End as a World,” F. L. Wallace, 1955 – A young boy’s community anxiously awaits “the end of the world,” a ubiquitous headline and refrain.  At the conclusion, it is revealed that the phrase refers to the successful Mars flight of that day.  The world ends, but “the universe begins.”

Comments: A twist on the “end of the world” trope.  Themes: optimism for the future, community through technology, space exploration, wonder.  Read in The Third Galaxy Reader.

Author: Wikipedia: “F. L. Wallace, sometimes credited as Floyd Wallace, was a noted science fiction and mystery writer. He was born in Rock Island, Illinois, in 1915, and died in Tustin, California, in 2004. Wallace spent most of his life in California as a writer and mechanical engineer after attending the University of Iowa.”


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