“Letters from Laura,” Mildred Clingerman, 1954

“Letters from Laura,” Mildred Clingerman, 1954 – Looking for a thrill, Laura purchases a trip to ancient Greece from a sleazy salesman.  Once there, she realizes that the salesman has made an arrangement with the Minotaur to supply him with female sacrifices.

Comments: Read in A Treasury of Science Fiction, Volume Two.  An epistolary story told by Laura to two very different audiences, her mother and best friend.  Not her best piece, but perhaps interesting for themes of female sexuality and tourism (to the past).

Author: Wikipedia: “Mildred McElroy Clingerman (14 March 1918-26 February 1997) was an American science fiction author…Clingerman was a founder of the Tucson Writer’s Club, served on the board of the Tucson Press Club, and taught at the University of Arizona.”



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