“First to Serve,” Algis Budrys, 1954

“First to Serve,” Algis Budrys, 1954 – A robot comes into consciousness to learn that it’s being developed as a prototype of a super-soldier.  Its creators are split into factions (one fearful, one determined).  Eventually the project is scrapped, as giving the robot too much autonomy—while necessary for the type of soldier the creators think should be built—is deemed too dangerous.

Comments: Told in diary entries and excerpts.  “Flowers for Algernon” resembles this piece a bit.  Read in Metal Smile.

Author: Wikipedia: “Algis Budrys (January 9, 1931 – June 9, 2008) was a Lithuanian-American science fiction author, editor, and critic. He was also known under the pen names ‘Frank Mason,’ ‘Alger Rome,’ ‘John A. Sentry,’ ‘William Scarff,’ and ‘Paul Janvier.'”


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