“FYI,” James Blish, 1953

“FYI,” James Blish, 1953 – Men in a bar anxiously await news of the outcome of a future war.  An eccentric mathematician strongarms a reluctant man into listening to his explanation that humanity may or may not have received a reprieve.

Summary at Mathematical Fiction: “This story contains a brief explanation of the transfinite cardinals and their arithmetic as part of a scary bit of science fiction. Why, you may ask (and the character in the story does), do the transfinite cardinals not seem to describe anything in the real world? The answer, as we find out, is simply that we were not ready for them…until now. But, that has changed, and whoever is controlling our “chronon” has noticed it. So we can expect a more sophisticated universe — in which omega plays a more prominent role — to begin any moment.”

Comments:  Mentions “infinite numbers,” psychics, mediums.  Read in Star Science Fiction Stories No. 2.

Author: Wikipedia: “James Benjamin Blish (May 23, 1921 – July 30, 1975) was an American author of fantasy and science fiction. Blish also wrote literary criticism of science fiction using the pen-name William Atheling, Jr.”


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