“The Man With English,” H. L. Gold, 1953

“The Man With English,” H. L. Gold, 1953 – A rocket-paced short about a dry cleaner who has brain surgery and wakes up to find his senses “reversed.”

Comments: Similar to Gold’s “Warm, Dark Places” and “The Trouble With Water,” it features a beleaguered middle-class father/business-owner/husband who feels cursed or unlucky after indulging in bad behavior.  See the explanation of the title from a fan at Variety SF: “‘English’ is a billiards term that is used to describe putting a spin on the ball – often for trick shots, including getting the ball to reverse. This is most likely where the title comes from.”

Author: Wikipedia: “Horace Leonard Gold (April 26, 1914, Montreal, Canada – February 21, 1996, Laguna Hills, California, U.S.A.) was a science fiction writer and editor. Born in Canada, Gold moved to the United States at the age of two. He was most noted for bringing an innovative and fresh approach to science fiction while he was the editor of Galaxy Science Fiction, and also wrote briefly for DC Comics.”…”H. L. Gold is perhaps best known as a leading magazine editor during the post-WWII science fiction boom. In 1949 he began in that direction, and launched Galaxy Science Fiction in 1950, which was soon followed by its companion fantasy magazine, Beyond Fantasy Fiction (1953–55)….


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