“Mother,” Philip José Farmer, 1953

“Mother,” Philip José Farmer, 1953 – A needy son and domineering mother are stranded on a hostile planet.  When the man finds himself separated from his mother, he literally crawls into a gigantic alien womb.

Comments: An example of the “literalization” of idea (or metaphor, or figure of speech) in sf; here, an idea from psychoanalysis.  One can perhaps also compare this story with Marion Zimmer Bradley’s “The Wind People,” another mother-son duo, stranded on a planet.  In both stories, the mother is a working, single parent.  The latter story touches on the incest taboo.

Author: Wikipedia: “Philip José Farmer (January 26, 1918 – February 25, 2009) was an American author, principally known for his award-winning science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories.”


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