“It’s a Good Life,” Jerome Bixby, 1953

It’s a Good Life,” Jerome Bixby, 1953 – An (alien?) child with unimaginable power terrorizes his local community.

Comments:   The basis for a Twilight Zone episode, spoofed by The Simpsons. Another tale of unsocialized children with the power to destroy; see stories on same subject by Kuttner and Bradbury.  Read in Star Science Fiction Stories No. 2.  See the review at Best Science Fiction Stories.

Author: Wikipedia: “Drexel Jerome Lewis Bixby (January 11, 1923 in Los Angeles, California – April 28, 1998 in San Bernardino, California) was an American short story writer, editor and scriptwriter, best known for his work in science fiction. He also wrote many westerns and used the pseudonyms D. B. Lewis, Harry Neal, Albert Russell, J. Russell, M. St. Vivant, Thornecliff Herrick and Alger Rome (for one collaboration with Algis Budrys).”


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