“Deathrace 2000,” Ib J. Melchoir, 1952

“Deathrace 2000,” Ib J. Melchoir, 1952 – (short) (Alternate title: “The Racer”) A Racer attempts to win the prize for killing the most pedestrians (Tragi-Accs).  The race is brutal, relentless.  He takes No Sleeps to stay awake.  To complicate matters, his mechanic partner suspects him of being Anti-Racer and plans to turn him in.

Comments: This story becomes more interesting when the word “soldier” is substituted for Racer.  Read in Ackermanthology.  Made into the 1975 cult classic “Deathrace 2000.”

Author: Wikipedia: “Ib Jørgen Melchior (born September 17, 1917) is a novelist, short story writer, film producer, film director, and screenwriter of low-budget American science fiction movies, most of them released by American International Pictures. He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark.”


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