“Common Time,” James Blish, 1953

Common Time,” James Blish, 1953 – Time is subjective, especially when traveling near light speed.  A traveler wakes up during a flight and is trapped in a moment.  He encounters dream-like beings and his experiences become indescribable. When he returns to Earth, to his despair, the memory of the beings fades.

Comments: Introduction by Damon Knight discussing the sexual/death imagery in The Mirror of Infinity: A Critics’ Anthology of Science Fiction.  Wikipedia: “The story is considered to be an archetype of symbolism in science fiction.”  Damon Knight argues that the story is “a symbolic representation of fertilization of a female ovum by a sperm.”

Author: Wikipedia: “James Benjamin Blish (May 23, 1921 – July 30, 1975) was an American author of fantasy and science fiction. Blish also wrote literary criticism of science fiction using the pen-name William Atheling, Jr.”


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