“The Fire and the Sword,” Frank M. Robinson, 1951

“The Fire and the Sword,” Frank M. Robinson, 1951 – Templin is sent to investigate the suicide of Don Pendleton, who had been sent to live with the primitives of Tunpesh.  He gradually comes to understand that the world of Tunpesh is a paradise from which his Otherness will always exclude him.

Comments: Read in SF Author’s Choice 4.  Introduction by Robinson on the subject of alienation (“women, blacks, communists, homosexuals, and everyone else”).  He discusses two types of alienation, the “cellophane wrapper” worn every day and the experience of being actively excluded.  “We’re all creating paradises” and trying to wall others off from them, or being excluded from the paradises of others.  He mentions Kitty Genovese (a woman murdered in NYC while dozens of witnesses did nothing, now called the “bystander effect”), and the effect of creating walls around our hearts.  Mentions Richard Cory from the Edwin Arlington Robinson poem.

Author: Wikipedia: “Frank M. Robinson (born August 9, 1926) is an American science fiction and techno-thriller writer.”


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