“Manna,” Peter Phillips, 1949

“Manna,” Peter Phillips, 1949 – DEE-LISH-OUS “Miracle Meal” (SPAM?) is stolen by two inter-dimensional “ghosts” from a factory in England that is supplying Miracle Meal to 12th century refugees.

Comments: Interesting for its depiction of advertising, mass production, slipping through time.  Comments on environmentally-congruent factory-produced architecture (some look like old English buildings, others like mosques, temples).  Also a humorous take on a different presentation of the afterlife and gentle humor toward church.  Concludes with a time travel paradox.  Bizarre and eclectic.  Unlike Miracle Meal, not your standard fare. Read in The Classic Book of Science Fiction, ed. Conklin.

Author: English writer, born 1920. ISFDB entry: “Not to be confused with the American author Howard Browne, who used the same name as a pseudonym.”


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