“Private Eye,” Lewis Padgett, 1948

“Private Eye,” Lewis Padgett, 1948 – “‘Private Eye’ by Henry Kuttner (1949), writing as Lewis Padgett, dramatized for BBC Television as “The Eye”, envisions a murder in a society where time-viewing makes it virtually impossible to commit one and escape punishment, but also which allows pleas of temporary insanity and self-defense. The protagonist instead schemes to get close enough to the victim, who has married the woman he thought he loved, that he can provoke an attack by the victim and kill him in self-defense. The murder weapon is an antique scalpel used as a letter opener, whose presence between them is carefully orchestrated by the murderer.” (Wikipedia)

Comments: Read in James Blish’s The Mirror of Infinity: A Critics’ Anthology of Science Fiction.  Blish’s introduction provides a detailed discussion of Kuttner’s use of various plot structures.

Author: Wikipedia: “Lewis Padgett was the joint pseudonym of the science fiction authors and spouses Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore, taken from their mothers’ maiden names. They also used the pseudonyms Lawrence O’Donnell and C. H. Liddell, as well as collaborating under their own names.”


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