“The Great Fog,” H. F. Heard, 1944

“The Great Fog,” H. F. Heard, 1944 – Biologists and metereologists learn that a slight change in humidity has a given a mold a growth spurt.  This mold is capable of producing its own humid climate. It eventually covers the world, such that humans now live beneath the canopy of mold, engendering revolutions in art, music, economics, and every aspect of day to day life.  Oral storytelling and oral history flourish, life slows down and becomes more immediate, pictorial and written texts molder and are lost.

Comments: Read in A Treasury of Science Fiction.

Author: Wikipedia: “Henry Fitzgerald Heard commonly called Gerald Heard (October 6, 1889 – August 14, 1971) was an historian, science writer, educator, and philosopher. He wrote many articles and over 35 books.”  The Gerald Heard website.


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