“The Ultimate Catalyst,” John Taine, 1939

“The Ultimate Catalyst,” John Taine (Eric Temple Bell), 1939 – An American scientist working in the Amazon stays behind to trick a brutal new dictator into eating his “greenbeefo,” a vegetable that tastes like meat.  Along with the scientist remains his daughter, his assistant and a gifted intellect in her own right.  The scientist warns his daughter not to consume the greenbeefos, even as he does so himself, in order to prove that they are safe. Eventually, the effects of the greenbeefos turn everyone who has eaten them into plants.

Comments: A story of the vulnerability of bodies and boundaries, and one of more than a few in which bodies are transformed into “formless” plants.

Author: Wikipedia: “Eric Temple Bell (February 7, 1883 – December 21, 1960), was a mathematician and science fiction author born in Scotland who lived in the U.S. for most of his life.  He published his non-fiction under his given name and his fiction as John Taine.”


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