“The Proud Robot,” Lewis Padgett, 1943

“The Proud Robot,” Lewis Padgett (Kuttner and Moore), 1943 – (Humor)  A heavy-drinking inventor creates a narcissistic robot to help him solve a problem.

Comments: Presents a world where film and television are in direct competition; television is supplanting cinema, and cinema must come up with a new gimmick–stealing television broadcasts and showing them on theater-screens. Discusses patents and distribution issues.  Read in Adventures in Time and Space. Credited mainly to Kuttner.  See Variety SF’s review.

Author: Wikipedia: “Lewis Padgett was the joint pseudonym of the science fiction authors and spouses Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore, taken from their mothers’ maiden names. They also used the pseudonyms Lawrence O’Donnell and C. H. Liddell, as well as collaborating under their own names.”


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