“Beauty,” Hannes Bok, 1942

“Beauty,” Hannes Bok, 1942 – (short short) A young woman who believes herself plain is transported by a medium (?) to another dimension, where she encounters insubstantial  beings who also crave beauty.  She offers her own beauty (substance) to them and is whisked back to her reality, where the medium tells her she is now beautiful.  She says she no longer thinks beauty is the most important characteristic.  A mirror reveals she looks the same.

Comments: Read in Ackermanthology.

Author: Wikipedia: “Hannes Bok, pseudonym for Wayne Francis Woodard (July 2, 1914 – April 11, 1964), was an American artist and illustrator, as well as an amateur astrologer and writer of fantasy fiction and poetry.  He painted nearly 150 covers for various science fiction, fantasy, and detective fiction magazines, as well as contributing hundreds of black and white interior illustrations.”  Woodward was born in Kansas City, MO and went to high school in Duluth, MN.


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