“The Parasite Planet,” Stanley Weinbaum, 1935

“The Parasite Planet,” Stanley Weinbaum, 1935 – “Ham” Hammond’s adventure with the daughter of a pioneering scientist on Venus.  She’s gone native, and she deftly stakes her claim in the voracious plant-dominated Venusian environment as she carries on her father’s work of classifying the flora.  Adversaries at first, they eventually declare their love.  They encounter formidable plant-enemies, including the formless, mindless ‘doughpot.’

Comments: Strong, competent female scientist; in the end, submits to male charms.  Read in Before the Golden Age, Volume 3.

Author: Wikipedia: “Stanley Grauman Weinbaum (April 4, 1902 – December 14, 1935) was an American science fiction author. His career in science fiction was short but influential. His first story, “A Martian Odyssey”, was published to great (and enduring) acclaim in July 1934, but he would be dead from lung cancer within eighteen months.”


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