“The Accursed Galaxy,” Edmond Hamilton, 1935

“The Accursed Galaxy,” Edmond Hamilton, 1935 –Recent discoveries by Hubble and other astronomers have used red shifts to prove that the other galaxies are “running away” from us.  This suggests to them that Earth’s galaxy was the core of  a primordial supergalaxy.  When a mysterious meteorite/polyhedron marked with symbols crashes on Earth, it “pushes” thoughts and visual impressions into human thought.  The answer is revealed: the other galaxies are fleeing the “matter” infection called “life” that was originally created in a “force being’s” lab.  Inside the polyhedron, the original experimenter lays imprisoned; when freed, the world feels its joy through electronic impulses.

Comments: A problem-solving story with much scientific exposition. The twist being, humans are the center of the universe, but for a terrible reason. Read in Asimov’s Before the Golden Age, Volume 3.

Author: Wikipedia: “Edmond Moore Hamilton (October 21, 1904 – February 1, 1977) was an American author of science fiction stories and novels during the mid-twentieth.”  “World-wrecker” Hamilton was an extremely prolific writer, particularly of space opera, and appeared frequently in Weird Tales.  He was close friends with many prominent genre writers, including Jack Williamson, and was married to Leigh Brackett, a science fiction writer and a screen writer of several notable screenplays.


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