“Mars Colonizes,” Miles J. Breuer, 1935

“Mars Colonizes,” Miles J. Breuer, 1935 – Extremely “white” Martians arrive on Earth and begin buying up real estate. Eventually, the technologically-superior Martians move the humans, who have become addicted to the food, drink, and “Screens of Life” of Martian culture, into “reservations.”

Comments:  Michael Page notes that references to “whiteness” may be a “thinly veiled metaphor to the migration of southern black to northern cities.” However, I wonder if the references to race can also be read as referencing Native American culture, given the obvious references to “reservations.”  Regardless, the story is an interesting mix of attributes from several dichotomies (East/West, north/south, Europeans/Americans, black/white), such that no stable, one-to-one metaphor emerges to pin down the target of the satire.

Author: Wikipedia: “Miles John Breuer (January 3, 1889 – October 14, 1945) was an American physician and science fiction writer.”


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