“Omega,” Amelia Reynolds Long, 1932

“Omega,” Amelia Reynolds Long, 1932 – A scientist discovers that mental time and physical time can be altered through hypnosis. He hypnotizes a volunteer (a murderer) and sends him tens of thousands of years into the future.  The man provides data on seminal events: contact with Mars and Venus, the glaciation of Earth, the evolutionary future of man.  As he travels in time, his body follows this same evolutionary path, until through a somewhat grotesque process he becomes large-headed and thin limbed.  It is implied that his journey is through the final six days of Creation (according to Genesis).  On the last day, gravitation fails, the moon floats away, and the man disintegrates in the lab chair.

Comments:  Read in Amazing: The Wonder Years 1926-1935 and The End of the World. Everett Bleiler in The Gernsback Years calls the story “routine, with weak echoes of Poe.”

Author: Wikipedia: “Amelia Reynolds Long (November 25, 1904 – March 26, 1978) was an American detective fiction and science fiction writer and novelist. Her story, ‘The Thought-Monster’ was made into the 1958 film Fiend Without a Face. She co-wrote the 1936 novel Behind the Evidence with William L. Crawford under the combined pseudonym Peter Reynolds. Some of her stories appeared under the byline ‘A. R. Long’.”


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