“Is Earth Inhabited?” Egon Friedell, 1931

“Is the Earth Inhabited?” Egon Friedell, 1931 – (short short) Mock essay from an alien scholar’s point of view.

Comments: An early example of the genre’s “play” with point of view.  Read in The Black Mirror, ed. Franz Rottensteiner.  Rottensteiner notes that this story is “typical of his alienated or estranged view of mankind and of his attempt to create a ‘natural history’ of mankind.”

Author: Wikipedia: “Egon Friedell born Egon Friedmann, 21 January 1878, in Vienna, died 16 March 1938, in Vienna, was a prominent Austrian philosopher, historian, journalist, actor, cabaret performer (Kabarettist) and theatre critic.” The article notes at its conclusion that Hilde Spiel said “in him, the exhilarating fiction of the homo universalis rose once again.”  Rottensteiner notes that his only longer venture into sf was a sequel to The Time Machine was published posthumously in 1946 as Die Reise mit der Zeitmaschine, The Journey by Time Machine. “Freidell committed suicide in 1938 by jumping out of a window…when storm troopers came to arrest him.”


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