“The Captured Cross-Section,” Miles J. Breuer, MD, 1929

“The Captured Cross-Section,” Miles J. Breuer, MD, 1929 – A scientist accidentally calls forth a cross-section of an entity from another dimension.  In the process of investigating, his girlfriend (also a scientist) is transported into the alien’s dimension.  The scientist struggles to save her while her angry father (also a scientist) threatens him with the police. The scientist communicates with the being by building a series of three-dimensional statues (cartoon outlines to the being) and his girlfriend is returned.

Comments: Interesting for the fact the woman is a scientist, praised for her scientific skill, but is endearing to her boyfriend when his knowledge outstrips her own.  Read in Other Dimensions.

Author: Wikipedia: “Miles John Breuer (January 3, 1889 – October 14, 1945) was an American physician and science fiction writer.”


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