“The Roger Bacon Formula,” Fletcher Pratt, 1929

“The Roger Bacon Formula,” Fletcher Pratt, 1929 – A man is overhead pontificating about various topics, including Marx, communism, and Roger Bacon.  He’s eventually approached by a man who claims to have undiscovered papers by Bacon. The stranger offers the man a concoction that will separate his mind from his body and send his consciousness to Venus. After a trip to Venus, he fears addiction and never takes the drug again.

Comments: Also an early sf story mentioning Roger Bacon (for alternate histories featuring Bacon, see Philip José Farmer’s “Sail On! Sail On!” or James Blish’s Doctor Mirabilis (1964)).  Available in Gosh! Wow!

Author: Wikipedia: “Murray Fletcher Pratt (1897–1956) was an American writer of science fiction, fantasy and history, particularly noted for his works on naval history and on the American Civil War.”


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