“The Revolt of the Pedestrians,” David H. Keller, MD, 1928

“The Revolt of the Pedestrians,” David H. Keller, MD, 1928 – Society has divided itself into in the atrophied, vaguely cybernetic “drivers” and tribes of death-defying “pedestrians.”

Comments: Note: Keller is identified by Michael R. Page in The Man With the Strange Head, and Other Early Science Fiction Stories: Miles J. Breuer, p. xxviii, as being one of Breuer’s more racially bigoted contemporaries.

Author: Wikipedia: “David H. Keller (full name David Henry Keller; December 23, 1880–July 13, 1966) was a writer for pulp magazines in the mid-twentieth century who wrote science fiction, fantasy and horror. He was the first psychiatrist to write for the genre, and was most often published as David H. Keller, MD, but also known by the pseudonyms Monk Smith, Matthew Smith, Amy Worth, Henry Cecil, Cecilia Henry, and Jacobus Hubelaire.”… “Keller’s work often expressed strong right-wing views (Everett F. Bleiler claims he was “an ultra-conservative ideologically”), especially hostility to feminists and African-Americans.”


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