“Christmas 200,000 B.C.,” Stanley Waterloo, 1887

“Christmas 200,000 B.C.,” Stanley Waterloo, 1887 — Fangs, She Fox, and Red Lips form a prehistoric nuclear unit in a dog-eat-dog world.  Red Lips, the daughter, is about to be “wed” to Wolf; preferring Yellow Hair instead, she bites Wolf and flees to Yellow Hair’s cave. She and Yellow Hair dispatch of Wolf, then Fangs, and Yellow Hair becomes the new man of the cave.

Comments: See H. Bruce Franklin’s commentary in Future Perfect: American Science Fiction of the Nineteenth Century in which he discusses the overt racism displayed in the story and its relation to the fiction of its time.  Franklin also notes that it serves as an example of a popular time travel story variant and an endorsement of the principles of capitalism.

Author: Wikipedia: “Stanley Waterloo (1846-1913) was an American newspaperman, editor, newspaper owner, and author of both non-fiction and fiction.”


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