“To Whom This May Come,” Edward Bellamy, 1889

“To Whom This May Come,” Edward Bellamy, 1889 — A storm drives a ship to an island populated by a telepathic civilization.

Comments: Online text at Project Gutenberg. See H. Bruce Franklin’s extensive commentary on Bellamy in Future Perfect: American Science Fiction of the Nineteenth Century. This story “argues that all our problems would be solved if we could read each other’s minds.”

Author: Wikipedia: “Edward Bellamy (March 26, 1850 – May 22, 1898) was an American author and socialist, most famous for his utopian novel, Looking Backward, a Rip Van Winkle-like tale set in the distant future of the year 2000. Bellamy’s vision of a harmonious future world inspired the formation of over 160 ‘Nationalist Clubs’ dedicated to the propagation of Bellamy’s political ideas and working to make them a practical reality.”


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