“Malvu the Helmsman: A Story of Vesta,” Paul Scheerbart, 1912

“Malvu the Helmsman: A Story of Vesta,” Paul Scheerbart, 1912 – Surreal short about Vesta, a land where no body is similar to another.  Limbs are functional and removable, and stories are told on wafer-thin manuscripts (bodies, skin).

Comments: Other themes include spiritualism and the universe. Frank Rottensteiner, the editor of The Black Mirror, comments that Scheerbart’s intent was to “create the ‘new,’ to deconstruct the old realism, break it into pieces, and re-arrange the pieces in new patterns.”

Author: Wikipedia: “Paul Karl Wilhelm Scheerbart (8 January 1863 in Danzig – 15 October 1915 in Berlin) was an author of fantastic literature and drawings…Scheerbart’s fantasy essays about glass architecture influenced architects at that time, including the young Bruno Taut. Among his Berlin friends and drinking circle was Erich Mühsam, who dedicated a chapter to Scheerbart in his ‘Unpolitical Memories’and Richard Dehmel. Scheerbart was also an important influence on Walter Benjamin who quoted his ideas on glass in his Arcades Project.”


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